Become a ATD Treasure Valley Chapter Presenter

Photo Courtesy of Boise State University, Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning Graduate Program (2020)

Are you interested in learning more about presenting on behalf of the ATD Treasure Valley Chapter? That's fantastic! The Board of Directors is always open to partnering and scheduling engaging and informative educators, practitioners, consultants, industry specialists, and business professionals to support our Talent Development Members and other attendees. 

Complete the ATD Treasure Valley Presenter Application to apply to present. Our Program Director will contact you within 3 business days. All prospective presenters are required to submit their application to present. 

Presenter Benefits

The benefits of presenting on behalf of the Chapter are many. Consider the benefits below. 

  • Market, build, and advertise your own brand, business, and company
  • Participate in our optional Marketing Campaign to promote you, your brand, and your event; we take care of the logistics and will provide you an Ad Analysis Report
  • Invite up to three other people to attend at no cost
  • Advertise your company logo on our Presenter Page
  • Discount on becoming a Chapter Member and includes current Chapter Membership Benefits
  • Your event will be promoted 1 business week on LinkedIn, Facebook, and our Chapter website before your event

About the Connect & Learn Program

C&L sessions provide a space for TD professionals to learn, share best practices and make connections with other talent development enthusiasts!

Presenters choose a talent development topic that aligns with one of the 23 capabilities of the ATD Talent Development Capability Model. After a bit of housekeeping and introductions, the presenter has 50 minutes to present  a dynamic and interactive learning presentation.

All events are scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of every month (except no event in July or December) from 12pm -1pm and are held virtually. 

Video Promotion 

Presenters are asked to record themselves. Videos are posted with the event information and shared on social media for marketing purposes. Below are 7 phone video recording tips or checkout this short clip Check out this quick how-to video.

Please note: While the ATD Treasure Valley will be happy to add a title to your video, the chapter will not do any additional video editing. Please provide the video in the form you would like it to be posted.

  1. Camera Settings - 1080P
  2. Turn off your notifications
  3. Clean lens
  4. Use a tripod possible 
  5. Use live monitoring
  6. Frame yourself  - align left or right, not centered 
  7. Lighting - use lots of lighting

Who Attends the C&L Sessions?

Most of our attendees are talent development professionals who have at minimum 5+ years of experience in training and development, organizational development, or human resources.

Because of their experience and responsibilities, C&L sessions should take more of an informative, train-the-trainer format. Our goal is for attendees to practice, apply, and integrate the information into their workforce development plans and programs.

Ready to Present?

If this sounds like something you are interested in, check out our Presenter Benefits and then complete our ATD Treasure Valley Presenter Application at your earliest convenience. I will contact you within the next few weeks to discuss your topic and additional logistics.
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