Board of Directors Job Descriptions 

Thank you for your interest in learning what and how each Board position contributes to the overall success of the ATD TV Chapter. Though each position requires different capabilities and strengths, the most important requirement for any Board Director position is active engagement and commitment to continue to take our Chapter to the next level. Without engagement and commitment to follow through with your scope of work is negatively detrimental to the Chapter, its members, and other Board Directors. 

Board of Directors Benefits

  • Networking opportunities are endless
  • Develop your own TD capabilities, leadership being among them.  
  • Connect and leverage National ATD benefits and practitioners. 
  • Learn the business requirements to run a non-profit organization.
  • Receive an expanded and comprehensive understanding of the talent development profession. 
  • Gain high visibility within the Chapter and the Talent Development Community within the United States. 


  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Plan, organize and execute strategies as required by the position
  • Evaluate and monitor progress of Chapter activities toward Chapter goals
  • Use various technologies (G-Suite, Google Drive, Zoom, etc.)
  • Build, motivate, and lead a team of volunteers
  • Allocate time to fully participate in Chapter and Board meetings, Committees, delegated action items, etc.
  • Maintain ATD and Chapter membership (membership can occur after joining the Board)
    • ATD TV Chapter membership is complimentary as a thank you for volunteering on the Board of Directors
    • National ATD offers a substantial discount specifically for Board Directors


  • Each presidential circle is a 1-year term. Any person in the Presidential Circle serves a total of 3-years. 
  • Director positions are a 2-year term.
  • Coordinator positions are a 1-year term.
  • Chapter and non-Board Volunteers commit to a project or given number of hours according to their availability and the project needs.

Time Commitment

  • Attend Board meeting: 1.5 hours every other month
  • Attend monthly committee meeting(s): 1-2 hours monthly
  • Attend Chapter events: 1-3 hours monthly (based on availability)
  • Communication with Board Leaders: 1-3 hours monthly
  • Plan, administer, and carry out Board initiatives for Chapter success: 4+ hours monthly
  • Annual finance audit (Finance Director only): 8 hours one time annually
  • Collaborate in Presidents Circle meetings (Presidents Circle only): 1-2 hours monthly

Board Position Summaries

All positions are committed to:

  • Represent the Chapter professionally and ethically in all business functions and organizational activities.
  • Support and promote the National ATD Chapter affiliation requirements (CARE), strategic goals, and operating plan on behalf of the Chapter.
  • Participate in succession planning, including recruiting new board leaders and volunteers.

President - Has executive responsibility to provide the vision, structure, culture and environment to enable the Chapter to meet the mission and goals created as a team. S/he exercises general supervision over the Chapter activities in accordance with the Chapter bylaws.

President Elect - Assists the Chapter President in performance of Chapter management duties, automatically succeeding to president. S/he participates in the recruitment of Board Leaders to lead the Chapter in the succeeding year.

Past President - Serves in advisory role to the president, president elect, and Chapter as a whole. S/he advises on past practices and operations in accordance with the Chapter Bylaws. Upon request he/she assists Board Leaders in performing their duties. 

Program Director - Oversees the Chapter’s programming function, including responsibility for topic and speaker selection, site selection, and overall event management and reporting.

Finance Director - Manages the operational finances of the Chapter. He/she communicates and coordinates the budget and operational issues with other Board members, as well as administrative services. He/she ensures that Chapter operations are in compliance with ATD Chapter affiliation requirements (CARE), manages and oversees all payment transactions, and provides a monthly financial report to the Presidents Circle. *Additional and preferred qualifications include budget design, fiscal responsibility, and accounting practices.

Engagement DirectorDirects engagement activities throughout the member lifecycle, to include orientation and onboarding, chapter and affiliate opportunities, and offboarding. Partners with other board leaders and members to enhance engagement, discover new opportunities for networking and engagement, and promote member and chapter success.

Membership Director - Manages member records and directs member recognition programs.

Social Media Coordinator - Manages all social media communications with potential and existing member to increase member participation in those outlets. Engages and motivates online advocates.

If you are interested in learning more about the day-to-day duties of a specific position please reach out to or

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